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Come and see us at:

  • Blue Lotus 10 Years Spectacular details
  • Bollywood classes on Monday 7 pm details
  • Belly Dance on Monday 8 pm/9 pm details
  • Gypsy Dance on Thursday 6:30 pm details
  • New and pre-owned Belly Dance and Bollywood costumes in Bellevue, WA details

Dance Costumes Store

Belly Dance Costume store online

in Bellevue and Seattle

we perform at the private and corporate events, weddings and anniversaries, dance party with:
Blue Lotus Gypsy Dance
Russian Gypsy Dance
solo or group dance with shawls and tambourines, and with live music.
Blue Lotus Belly Dance
Belly Dance
solo or group dance with candelabra, sword, silk veils, fan veils, drums, canes and zills.
Bollywood dance nachle
Bollywood Indian Dance
solo or group dance to the most popular Bollywood songs.

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Blue Lotus 10 years spectacular

Come celebrate with us 10 years dancing together! Dance show, food and drinks are included! Seats are limited, tickets are available at

Nalini Dance classes

Now Belly Dance and Bollywood classes with Nalini are at two locations in Bellevue. Please see the details at the Classes Page

New items at the costume shop!

Bollywood Lehenga Choli dance costumes:
Blue Bollywood dance costume
Class and performance pants and skirts:
Class wear pants and tops
Belly dance costumes:
Belly Dance costume

We are:

Blue Lotus Dance Co

- Bollywood, Belly Dance and Russian Gypsy Dance group
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Jewels Of Fire

- Belly Dance Dance group
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Willow Moon

- Belly Dance Dance group
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Romani Soul

- Russian Gyspy Dance group
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- Bollywood Dance group
Nachle Bollywood Dance group
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Flaming Rubies Bellydance

- Belly Dance Dance group
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Dancing Mirage

- Belly Dance Dance group
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