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Turkish Gypsy Dance Workshop

March 8-9th

Salsa N' Seattle Dance
1200 Stewrt St. Seattle, WA 98101

1 workshop - $35 before 3/6
2 workshops - $68 before 3/6
3 workshops - $98 before 3/6
After 3/6 each workshop costs $40

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Alia interviews Gigi Dil┼×ah at Gar restaurant in Istanbul


Gigi Dilsah dancing to Romany

Nalini Dance presents:

Gigi in Seattle!

Gigi is a bellydance instructor and performer; and personal trainer based in Istanbul, Turkey. Dilsah performs nightly in Istanbul at Turkey's famand, ous Gar Music Hall. She is also teaching workshops and private classes in Istanbul.

    Turkish Style Romany Choreography

    - This workshops is Turkish Style Romany Choreography for Belly dancers on stage... We will learn how Turkish Belly dancers dance to 9/8 on the stage. Combinations will explain with technique, steps, gestures, and musicality... 2o minutes of the workshop will be free style dance in Real Romany non-stage belly dancing to see the differences in between...
    March 9th, Saturday 12:30-2:30pm

    Turkish Romany Technique/ Lecture

    - This workshop will have combinations for stage Romany and Street Style Romany . Both styles combonations will explian with steps, technique, gestures, musicality.... The workshop will include 20 mins. lecture about Turkish Romany Culture in the history, and current live, differences between Turkish Belly dancers and Romany Belly dancers in Turkey. Video clips will support the lecture....
    March 9th, Saturday 3:00-5:00pm

All Turkish Belly dance!!!!!

- This workshop will include Turkish Drum Solo Combinations, 5 safest ways to Turkish drop, Turkish Kicks and Hair flips.... All will explain with technique, where to use them in the music... This workshop will include 2o mins work out specifies for these moves...
March 10th, Sunday 2:00-4:00pm