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Nalini Dance Calendar


Bollywood, Romani Gypsy and Belly Dance

Nalini is available to teach Bollywood, Belly Dance, and Gypsy workshops. These are appropriate for all levels and all events! Possible events include birthday parties, anniversaries, weddings, bridal and baby showers, corporate events, auctions, fundraisers, grand openings, festivals, and events at dance schools. Solo and group choreographies of any style are also available. For more information, including pricing, please contact Nalini with a description of your specific choreographic needs including style, length, etc.

Belly Dance workshop


"Nalini will encourage, nudge, and demand you to give more, to persevere, to break down what you think are your limitations; however, once you broke through those barriers, the joy and contentment that you immersed in is indeed beyond words "
Karen Saiyos
"Nalini is not just an accomplished dancer but an awesome teacher too! Even if you dont know a thing about dancing, she would make you feel comfortable and help learn steps.
She breaks the steps very well and puts it into the warm up so that makes it easier to perform those while dancing. I am myself a beginner in the field of dancing, but now I feel much confident about learning new steps. She is always open for questions and suggestions. Her goal is to make it easy and simple for the students. Oh and most important thing is you would always have so much fun plus the exercise in one class only! I just love being there in her class, so would you for sure!"
"I had no previous Bellydance experience, but I can see how much I've improved in just 6months!! Thanks to Nalini and her amazing teaching technique which is perfect for beginners like me who wants to have a great workout, learn something new in a fun way. I really like the way she pays attention to details. I feel much toned, flexible and energetic after each class. A must try for every women!"
Swasti Ganguly
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